Propolis Tincture

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Botanical name - Propolis cerarn

Propolis is produced by bees to seal and protect the hive, and has naturally antiseptic properties. Suitable for use in cosmetics and as a mouthwash.

1:10 ratio, 90% alcohol

This product can be used topically, as a preservative or as an addition to the Create Your Own range for its antiseptic properties. It may be used as an inhalation and directions for this use are to add 5 - 8 drops of the tincture to a bowl of hot, steaming water. Place a towel over your head which falls down to include the bowl. Inhale the vapours for a number of minutes ensuring that you keep warm after removing the towel.  Please seek advice from your healthcare practitioner if you wish to take this product internally. 

Propolis, alcohol, water.